Spytech ShadowNet Remote Spy

Spytech ShadowNet Remote Spy

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

Spytech ShadowNet is a remote, web-based spyware/administration...

Spytech ShadowNet is a remote, web-based spyware/administration utility that can be ran from your web browser. Once you install ShadowNet on a remote machine, you simply connect to the machine via your web browser (http://ip/password).

Once connected you have the choice of viewing/managing applications, windows, viewing screenshots, watching realtime keystrokes, and more! ShadowNet is the ultimate solution for realtime monitoring via a remote machine!

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  • qingdao0216

    by qingdao0216

    "I will give it a try."

    You know this is really a good one. In recording keystrokes, websites visited on your children's computer and so on. I h... More.

    reviewed on June 16, 2015